Skin Disorders, Types and Solutions

Skin Disorders, Types and Solutions

Skin disorders is thought to belong only to the aesthetics but in many cases skin diseases can be uncomfortable and serious. In this article you will discover types of Skin disorders and natural remedies for skin.

Skin disorders – What are skin conditions?

Skin disorders (conditions) are infections that affect the skin, from acne to melanoma (skin cancer). These include associated diseases such as nails, hair, sebum and sweat. There are some sexually transmitted related skin conditions, although they did not directly affects the dermis.

Skin disorders – Symptoms of skin diseases

Skin disorders are so diverse and varied by symptoms too. But we can establish a common parameter. Let’s say that most Skin disorders occur in the dermis, such as changes in appearance, temperature, color or texture.

These disorders are manifested through stains, small lumps the size of a grain, sometimes with pus (pustules), urticaria, ulceration, etc.. Sometimes these signals relate skin itching, burning or pain.

Skin disorders – Causes and prevention of skin diseases

As we have noted, we have a wide range of diseases affecting the skin so that the causes are very diverse. In fact the causes of many of Skin disorders are not yet known.

On the other hand stress and sun-bathing improperly or inadequately influence many of these problems. Diet and good or bad eating habits will also have effect, in many cases.

Also important is the sensitivity of skin to external agents because a good number of them belong to allergy problems. So avoiding any of the above issues or the item you are allergic to will be a very important preventive measure.

Different types of Skin disorders

Some of the most common Skin disorders are:

Vitiligo. It is a skin disease that causes white patches on various parts of the body including the eyes and mouth and nasal mucosa.

Impetigo. is an infectious disease of the skin and, although treated with antibiotics, we can fight at once, with natural remedies for skin.

Hives. It is allergic reaction that causes the skin feeling very irritating itching and it can be acute or chronic.

Boils. are a skin problem that starts as a bulge slightly red and very painful, then grows and worsens the symptoms.

Warts. are a fleshy growths or formations of the skin with a rough surface, with a tendency to move but irregular. Can have different shapes and sizes.

Sweaty hands. Having sweaty hands in times of fear or maximum tension is natural, but when this occurs on an ongoing basis is a source of frustration and feeling of personal shame.

Dermatitis or atopic eczema. is an inflammation of the skin that may have redness, crusting, scaling, and especially very itchy.

Ringworm. It is a fungal infection that can affect the skin, scalp, feet, nails, English, or body parts at once and as a rash move (such as patches or red rings).

Psoriasis. It is a chronic Skin disorders characterized by the presence of inflamed areas, reddish, which are covered with silvery scales.

The herpes zoster. is an infection caused by the same virus as the chicken pox and indeed have herpes.

Foot fungus or athlete’s foot. One of the major symptoms that warns us of a possible case of fungi is when we see that the nails vary in texture and / or color.

Cold sores. is an infection caused by a simple virus, type 1, usually out primarily on the lips but can also go in the nose and even inside the mouth.

Our advice

In general you will see that natural remedies for skin diseases are, in many cases, only an outward sign that something is happening inside. To think when we have emerged from these problems or skin diseases and to see a possible relationship or cause shall be conclusive. Treating only the skin is to stay, as appropriate, on the surface of the problem.

In all cases we recommend checking with your doctor, therapist or other qualified health provider. The information in this article is for information purposes only.

In our future articles, we will consider each type of Skin disorders and how to treat them.

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