Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is usually mistaken as the feeling of sadness that may prevail for few hours or days. The symptoms of depression are capable of causing much severe destruction physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. As the numbers of depression cases are on continuous rise, it is important to learn how these symptoms can affect the body and the mind; in fact overall living of an individual. Also important is to know about the gender specific symptoms of the condition. The following discussion highlights the most common symptoms of depression.

Feeling of Emptiness

A person in depression leads a dark life that lacks hopes and determination to improve. The feeling of emptiness experienced by the patient can be described in a number of ways that include:

  • Hopelessness
  • Helplessness
  • Purposelessness
  • Worthlessness
  • Guiltiness

All these discouraging emotions make the patient believe that nothing is going to change or improve in the future. The patient leaves the desire to get out of the doomed situation or improve the circumstances. It is one of the common symptoms of depression in men and women.

Decline in Interest and Pleasure

Depression takes away the ability of a person to take interest in daily activities. In other words, the basic exercises like studying, sleeping, eating and working get interrupted. Additionally, the ability to find joy or pleasure in the activities like partying, socializing, traveling, hobbies and sex is lost. It is worth noting that change in eating patterns is among the more specific symptoms of depression in women.

Sleeping Disorders

Though sleeping disorders are symptoms of depression in both men and women, the latter are more prone towards them. It should be mentioned that women under depression may start sleeping more or less than normal.

Anger vs. Sensitivity

Depression in men makes them subjective to unwanted outbursts and anger. It is their ego to hide their condition that comes out in the form of irritation and violent acts. Women on the other hand become more sensitive when under the influence of depression. They are more likely to show emotional strain of which they get relief through crying.

Change in Weight

Depression not only affects mind and behavior, but also the physical well-being of the patient. The symptoms of depression in women include increase or decrease in weight. It may happen due to change in preferences towards food and eating patterns. Men suffering from depression usually don’t show this symptom.

Addiction or Abuse

One of the noted symptoms of depression in men is getting addicted to certain things or activities. For instance, they adopt alcoholism as the way to medicate themselves. They also show excess of interest in gambling when depressed. On the other hand, women show craving towards love and emotional support during the phase of depression.

Decline in Energy Level

Men and women report low energy levels while passing through the stage of depression. The patients experience physical slowdown that affects their capabilities to perform different tasks. Deep fatigue is another related sign that these patients exhibit. Low sex drive can also be associated with the changed physical abilities of the patients.

Psychomotor Impairments

Reduced mental ability, which is more appropriately described as brain fog or psychomotor setbacks, is another common sign of depression shown by men as well as women. The associated signs include lack of concentration; decline in thinking ability; loss of memory; decision-taking ability and so on.

Body Pains and Digestive Disorders

Considered among male-specific symptoms of depression, sudden development of body pains and aches are also common. Men under depression frequently report headaches and back pains. In addition, digestive issues and stomach pains too are experienced by them.

Thoughts of Death and Suicide

It is noteworthy that the thoughts of death and suicide used to be experienced more by women under depression, but more men around the world have been reported to commit suicide due to the condition now a days. Depression may make the patient feel unworthy of living and he or she may show the signs of ending life.

The symptoms of depression may vary according to the type of condition the patient suffers from. For example, psychotic depression induces symptoms like hallucinations and delusions, while bipolar depression causes extremely maniac symptoms. The correct diagnosis of the symptoms is important to obtain the right kind of treatment.