What is Sinusitis and its Causes

What is Sinusitis and its Causes

If you have been suffering from headaches and pressure in certain parts of your head, you may be suffering from a case of sinusitis – and the question then is: what causes sinusitis? This condition is caused by an irritation of the nasal passages and sinus cavities and can leave you feeling quite ill.

You may also experience other symptoms such as nasal congestion, fever, and bad breath. The first step in determining the source of the inflammation is to categorize your sinus problem as either acute or chronic. This will allow you to look for the root causes of your sinusitis and possibly eliminate it once and for all. Often it is not possible to do this, but you may be able to keep your sinusitis under control by treating the underlying cause.

Acute sinusitis is defined as a condition that occurs no more than three times a year and does not last for more than ten days with each occurrence. This inflammation can usually be treated by medications and is most commonly caused by allergies or an upper respiratory viral infection. With either allergies or disease, the sinus lining becomes inflamed and thickens with fluid. This swelling, in turn, blocks the nasal passage which connects the sinuses. Bacteria are not removed from the passages and build up, leading to an infection.

So What Causes Sinusitis?

Causes of sinusitis are not limited to allergies and viral infections, though. Certain medications may interfere with the functioning of your mucous membranes leading to this inflammation. A diseased tooth may also be at fault. If you accidentally ingest fungus through breathing or eating, you can subsequently develop sinusitis. The most common cause, though, is a lingering cold left untreated, so make sure you take care of this pesky minor illness so you don’t contract sinusitis or some other unwanted side effect.

On the other hand, chronic sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that occurs regularly or lasts for a long time. This condition usually isn’t painful, just annoying, but can lead to bouts of acute sinusitis, which do hurt. Chronic inflammation is typically a result of allergies or fungus exposure, yet may also be caused by viruses or bacteria. Other common causes of sinusitis include nasal polyps, trauma to the face, or a deviated nasal septum. If you have a health condition such as HIV or diabetes, you may also be more prone to chronic sinusitis.

The main treatment goal when dealing with sinusitis, either in the acute or chronic form, is to eliminate the underlying cause if at all possible. Tests will first need to be done to see the issue and what you are being exposed to that causes a flare-up. If you cannot remove the triggers, your doctor will look for other ways to keep your nasal passages clear and reduce the outbreaks. This is why it is essential to determine the root cause for acute and chronic conditions. Prevention is always the best form of treatment.

Sinusitis occurs when your sinuses are suffered from inflammation. Commonly, this health problem is caused by bacteria. You can find hundreds of treatments out there. There is a common diagnose used by a health practitioner. They will diagnose whether you are suffered from sinusitis or not by checking your ear, nose, and throat. Later, if you are a sinusitis sufferer, it means they recommend you take specific treatment based on the condition of the sinus problem.

You should know that bacteria cause the sinusitis problem, and the bacteria may be growing in your head. The only way to solve this health problem is by destroying the bacteria. Your doctor will prescript you specific antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The bad news is that antibiotics are destroying not only the bacteria but also your immune system.

If it is happening to you, you will face further health problems. So, how do you destroy the bacteria without destroying your immune system? The simple solution but proven is by using a Sinusitis treatment. This treatment is different from the treatment from your doctor. The difference is that this treatment will destroy the bacteria without destroying your immune system. It is also possible for you to combine this treatment with conventional drugs.

Before treating sinusitis, it is better to know several things about this health problem. The explanation is stated below.

The Facts About Sinusitis

Most people who have allergies or colds will have a bigger chance to suffer from sinusitis. It becomes a common thing if sinusitis is considered a widespread health problem in America. This is concerning the fact that up to 37 million people are detected as sinusitis sufferers each year. The number is more significant in America because most people don’t know if they are suffered from sinusitis. This is concerning to the fact that the symptoms are similar to cold and allergy. The worse thing is that many of them are never consult their sinus problem with the doctor. As a result, they don’t get any proper treatment and antibiotics.

The Description of Sinusitis

There is a condition which is known as acute bacterial sinusitis. This is the condition where your sinus cavities are suffered from inflammation because of bacteria. The cause of the inflammation is various, including cold, allergy, irritation, and pollutants from the surrounding. The treatment of sinusitis is different from an ordinary cold or allergy. In this case, you need to take a physician’s diagnosis. More than that, you also need to take an antibiotic treatment. Those actions are taken to prevent further complications in the future. For many years, people believe that antibiotic is only the best medication treatment for sinus. If it is the best treatment, why most people still suffered from sinus again and again? The fact of this medication is that antibiotics do work for temporary treatment.

Even antibiotics weaken your immune system, which is terrible for your health. If you want to find a simple and proven medication for your sinusitis, you can use a sinusitis treatment. This treatment knows that it is terrible to destroy your immune system. For that reason, sinusitis treatment will only kill the bacteria without destroying the immune system.

When your mucus collecting in the sinuses drains into the nasal passages, it means you are in a normal condition. It will be a different case if you are suffered from a cold or allergy. In this case, your sinus becomes inflamed and unable to drain. As a result, you will also suffer from congestion and inflammation. You can get the effect of acute sinusitis by using physical examination and symptoms examination. It is also necessary for the doctor to use an x-ray of your sinus to get a sample of your nasal discharge. Later, they will test whether there are bacteria or not.

The Condition When Acute Sinus becomes Chronic Sinus

As a sinus sufferer, you have to try to treat it first for up to 3 months. If you don’t feel any different and even worse, it could be chronic sinusitis. Just try to use antibiotics first, and it works to reduce the sinus; it means you only suffer from acute sinus. You need to know that the symptoms of chronic sinus are less severe than acute sinus. For those who are detected as chronic sinus sufferers, you should treat it right away. It will be dangerous if you don’t treat it because it may damage the sinus and even your cheekbones. In this condition, there is no other way except to do a surgical procedure.

Most doctors said that the only therapy for sinus sufferers is antibiotics. Just check the symptoms first. If you have three or more sinus symptoms, it means you are suffered from sinusitis problems. You may see the explanation from the chart. Later, you will ask to take an oral, nasal spray, or drop decongestant. This medicine is helpful to reduce the level of congestion. Don’t ever use the non-prescription nasal spray because it might be dangerous for you. Moreover, using nasal spray reduces the level of discomfort caused by sinus problems.

You don’t need to take those complicated and costly treatments. What you have to do is using proven and straightforward sinus treatment. Again, the strength of this sinus treatment is destroying bacteria without destroying your immune system.

How About Antibiotic Resistance?

Antibiotic resistance is the condition where some bacteria are more potent than the antibiotic. In this case, antibiotic is useless to kill those bacteria. So, what do you have to do? Just help yourself and your doctor by using or consuming antibiotics, just like the instruction. It doesn’t matter if the symptoms are gone; you should finish the treatment by the end. Probably, it is too complicated for you. If it is so, try alternative medicine first, which is more straightforward and proven.

Chronic Sinus Condition

Your doctor suggests you take intensive antibiotic therapy if they think that you are suffered from chronic sinusitis. You also have to endure surgery procedures to remove the physical problem, which worsens your condition. It depends on the situation, but before the surgery procedure, it is better to take a sinus treatment first. It is a simple and proven treatment, and the most important thing is that you don’t need to take surgery procedures.

How to Prevent Chronic Sinus

Prevention is the most important thing to do instead of curing it. The best thing you can do is by making sure that your sinus is clean and clear. There are several ways you can use to make your sinus clear.

  • Take an oral, nasal, or nasal decongestant. At the same time, you can also destroy the bacteria.
  • Blow your nose smoothly. Don’t forget to block one of the nostrils while blowing the other.
  • Drink more water. It is helpful to keep your nasal discharge thin.
  • Avoide air travel. If you have to, don’t forget to use a spray decongestant before take-off. It is good to prevent blockage of the sinus.
  • Just try not to get closer to all items which trigger your allergy. Again, you can also use a spray decongestant to control your allergy if you have to get closer to those items.

To reduce the level of your allergy, you can go to the doctor to take allergy testing and then following the best allergy treatments. We also provide you with tips for sinusitis sufferers. Just read it carefully and try to follow it.

The Time to Visit a Doctor

It is stated above that the symptoms of sinusitis are similar to cold and allergy. This is the reason why it is difficult to detect the signs. Just make sure that if you are suffered from three symptoms or even more, it means you should go to the doctor. Before going to the doctor, it is better to try this proven treatment first. Then, if you don’t feel any change, you may go to the doctor.

How About if it is Happening to Your Children?

You need to understand that their sinus will not be fully developed until the age of 20. Of course, there is a possibility that your children get sinus inflammation. Just notice the sinus behind their cheek (the maxillary) and between their eyes (ethmoid). Doctors will say that it is challenging to diagnose sinus in children because of their respiratory problems. They have to take a physician’s diagnosis and antibiotic treatment. It has to be treated right away before facing complication problems.

But before that, you should try this alternative sinusitis treatment. This treatment is different from medical treatment. The treatment will not destroy the immune system but, of course destroying the bacteria. If they are suffered from a cold for more than ten days up to 14 days, you might suspect that it is a symptom of sinusitis. Moreover, commonly you will also find thick yellow, green nasal drainage. Your children will also suffer from sore throat, cough, bad breath, and nausea or vomiting. There is a big possibility that they will suffer from headaches, especially at the age of 6. Just notice if they are suffered from fatigue and swelling around their eyes.

Just make sure that you take this sinus treatment first before it’s too late, and you have to spend extra money to treat the sinus problem. This treatment will be given to you for free.