List of Parasites Symptoms

List of Parasites Symptoms

Human parasite’s symptoms can appear in many different ways, and at the same time, they can be easily confused with symptoms of other diseases.

Common Symptoms

What you need to remember about human parasite symptoms:

  • Most of us won’t show obvious symptoms
  • The symptoms can be very vague, and we can disregard them as “not that bad.”
  • Symptoms of parasites can appear and disappear
  • These symptoms can all be associated with some other illness

For all these reasons, these symptoms probably won’t be diagnosed as being parasite-related. Take the time to look through the list if you are not feeling well and can’t really find the cause.

Remember: these little creatures they do not only take your nutrients, but they poop, urinate and die inside you too. And your body then has to deal with all the toxins.

Stomach and Intestinal Discomfort

Diarrhea and constipation are easily related to parasites. Sometimes even altering from one to another. One week of constipation and one week of loose stools. Digestive problems, gas and bloating, explosive bowels right after eating, abdominal pain, and even hemorrhoids

General Fatigue

Parasitic infestation is sometimes the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Feeling week, foggy memory, and low energy indicate that your body is working very hard to eliminate toxins. This also leads to mood problems: feeling nervous, depressed, anxiety or just not thinking clearly.

Sleep and Insomnia

Disturbed sleep and waking up many times a night is a common symptom of parasites. Teeth grinding while sleeping is usually a symptom that we see in children.

Skin and Allergies

Dry and itchy skin, sometimes eczema, the itchy nose seems to be really common (especially at night)

Body Weight and Appetite

These next symptoms depend on what type of parasites you have, but these parasites will eat the nutrients you are eating. They will get to it first and leave you with complications: weight gain or weight loss, uncontrollable appetite or loss of appetite, difficulty losing weight, or even gaining weight.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Once again, the toxins produced by the parasites can lead to more problems: muscle pain, joint pain, and inflammation that can easily mimic arthritis.

Sexual Organs

Anal Itching, erectile and prostate problems for men

For women repeated yeast infection and urine infection is a strong indication of parasites.

Usually, parasites will reside in the weaker parts of our bodies.

Also, parasites can affect more those with weaker immune systems:

  • Children
  • People living with Aids
  • Drug and alcohol users, etc.