What is Insomnia?

What is Insomnia?

What is Insomnia? Are you also one of those asking the above question? Are you dying to get your healthy sleep back? Finally, your sleepless night brought you here. It’s good that you made it this far and are only a few steps away from getting your healthy sleep back. This website is made to help you tackle your simplest and complex question regarding Insomnia and Sleep Disorders.

So What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder that makes it hard for you to get a night of proper sleep. People who have Insomnia will get a meager amount of sleep than the average time a healthy person sleep, which makes it the Insomniac (The person who has Insomnia) hard to get coordination between mind and body. The Insomniac feels dizzy all day long without any energy to even do his basic per day stuff. With the dizzy feeling all day long, silently, your attitude starts becoming dull and dumb. Which makes you further less energetic, and people start ignoring you.

Since our body is made such by all mighty god that each part in our body has some definite work and requirements of their own, without a healthy sleep (which is the most important requirement of all our needs), our minds stop working actively, our reaction time, sense of humor, actively participation, a new way of thinking decreases and lots other welcomed problems start cramping in your life. Which gets more and more complicated each day after, it can cause the end to your healthy relationship with families, co-workers, partners, and guests who not? Everyone, in fact.

Effects of Insomnia

Research has proven that Insomnia does not only effects your nights. It also kills your daytime and related activities. Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which a person suffers an inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep as long as desired. It can also be thought of as a medical sign and symptom that grows and leads to medical and psychiatric disorders by persistent difficulty falling asleep or getting the sleep of inferior quality. Various other functional impairments then follow insomnia after the patient awakens.

Insomnia, in basic terms, can be classified into two different categories, Short term and Long term. Short-term Insomnia remains up to 3 weeks, whereas long-term Insomnia remains more than 3-4 weeks. After that, it adds more and more diseases to your healthy body like memory loss problems, irritability, increased risk of heart diseases, depression, and vehicle-related accidents cases. Not only does a particular age group fall under Insomnia Disorder, It can happen to any age group of person whether they are a teenager or adult but most common in elderly. Ignoring it in the early stage can lead to persistent difficulty falling asleep or sleep of inferior quality. More about this topic can be found here.

Causes of Insomnia

Other than that, there are quite many other reasons also for the cause of Insomnia, like the intake of psychoactive drugs such as nicotine, cocaine, caffeine, herbs, medication, amphetamines, and many more. Even if you leave your anti-anxiety drugs or pain killers like opioids, it can become one of the causes of Insomnia. Mostly it had been seen that someone with emotional stress, fear, and anxiety leads to this sleep disorder.

Final Words

Ok, we are not here to make you scare from Insomnia. This website is made to help you cure one of the most serious problems our people are facing today, Insomnia. By following this website, you can get most of the things related to Insomnia and how to tackle it and make your life and sleep healthier than ever.