Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing loss can occur as a result of numerous diseases or accidents, such as accidental eardrum perforation, or caused by extreme, sudden noise. However, it can also occur naturally, due to the aging process that we inevitably go through. It is important to recognize the hearing loss symptoms in order to be able to efficiently treat them, where possible, and prevent them from recurring in the future. In some cases, the people around us are the ones that may first realize that we might have a hearing issue.

Hearing Tests

Hearing tests can be done to determine whether there is indeed an issue and how serious it is. Basically, these tests can be performed at the doctor or they can be done at home. One home test is to plug, you can use a finger, your ear and hum. If you cannot hear the humming in that ear, it is a sign of hearing loss and you should contact an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist immediately.

Common Hearing Loss Symptoms

Common hearing loss symptoms include:

  • Turning up the volume of your TV more than you used to;
  • Experiencing severe ear pain and even dizziness;
  • Experiencing difficulty when trying to understand what other people say;
  • In some rare cases, a liquid may be leaking from one or both ears, which might point to a serious infection. In this case, you have to seek medical attention right away;
  • A bothersome ringing sound in the ears, known as Tinnitus.

These are the most common hearing loss symptoms that occur, although other less common symptoms might indicate hearing loss as well. It can be easy to spot a person with hearing problems. They may display the need to ask many questions to clarify what others are saying. They may also repeatedly provide answers that are not relevant to a question. Fortunately, in most cases, these problems can be successfully treated.

It must be mentioned that the hearing loss symptoms can occur all of a sudden or gradually. The gradual deterioration of hearing is caused by aging, for instance, while the sudden hearing loss can be caused by accidents. In addition, this can affect either one ear or both of them.

What to Look For

Hearing loss symptoms can be characteristic of either sensorineural or conductive hearing loss. Regardless of the type, hearing loss symptoms must not be neglected due to the fact that if they are identified in their early stages, they may be treated efficiently. By the same token, if the symptoms are ignored, they can worsen and will eventually lead to deafness that can be irreversible.

It is important to know that people can react differently to hearing loss symptoms. While adults may speak louder on the phone and turn up the TV volume, children, for instance, may cover their ears and start crying whenever their experience ear pain. It is not difficult to identify these symptoms and treat them accordingly.

Hearing loss symptoms can occur at any time, regardless of age and gender. While some people can be born with such a problem, others may develop it throughout life. At the first sign of symptoms such as the ones mentioned above, Seek medical attention to try to maintain your hearing.