Back Pain Causes

Back Pain Causes

These days’ older adults aren’t the ones with back pain problems; rather, young aged people are affected to a greater extent. And, that’s the reality. Many at times, we would have empathized with those youngsters reeling under extreme backaches. In those days, back pain is synonymous with those above the age of 60, whereas it isn’t the case today. The impact of modern lifestyle is to be blamed. Long working hours and lack of physical activity are considered the two predominant causes of back pain. Hopefully, everybody will concur with this view. Sitting idle for long hours without even moving the body by an inch tightens the muscles, resulting in back pain. Also, the upholsteries used in office space and residents are the other secondary causes of back pain. Of course, everybody longs to enjoy modernity in all respects, that doesn’t mean that one should compromise on health. These days, upholsteries are manufactured so that it causes unnecessary strain on the back nerves. Irrespective of back pain intensity, the symptoms associated with it can be controlled by undertaking back pain exercises.

Causes of Back Pain

To sum it up, pain in the back is triggered due to strains, injuries, irritated nerves, and minor sprains. There could hardly be any other than which the pain develops. Indeed, these types of injuries or sprains can occur accidentally, too, very often, at home and places of work. The widely reported cause of back pain is

  • Pushing, pulling, and carrying of heavy to hefty objects
  • Sitting in a wrong fashion for a prolonged period of time
  • Stooping in chairs
  • Indulging in repetitive movements

What is Lower Back Pain? How is it Caused?

A recent research report claims that it is lower back pain that predominantly haunts the younger population. Perhaps, this kind of back pain affects individuals falling in the age bracket between 30 and 60. Excessive muscle strain in the lower back triggers pain to an unbearable extent, which indeed forbids a person to move steadily at ease. At times, lower back pain is caused as a result of lumbar degenerative disc disease too.

Medical Conditions That Trigger Back Pain

Definitely, there are medical conditions that result in back pain, which justifies the fact that experiencing back pain is completely unavoidable.

Obesity: Excess weight in the body pressurizes the spine to a greater extent. Moreover, the accumulation of fat in the muscles causes an impact on the nerves, and because of which back pain is caused.

Pregnancy: It is natural for any pregnant mother to put on weight. This causes excess strain in the back spines, which results in the development of pain.

The other potential cause of back pain is the use of medications for a prolonged period of time. Such long-term use can destabilize and weakens the bones. Perhaps, these conditions are referred to as corticosteroids, which can be overcome by gradually reducing the intake of medicines. Also, being in a depressed and stressful state can trigger back pain.