How To Cope With Anxiety

How To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is almost like blinking your eyes.  It’s a normal function of human beings that comes without consciously  asking for it.

Anxiety is a device built into us from the beginning of time.  It’s purpose is to save us from impending danger.

It does this by our subconscious minds taking over our bodies and starting up all of the characteristics of the fight or flight syndrome.

It’s a device made into us for when we may not be paying attention to our surroundings.

The fight or flight syndrome kicks in when there is danger, or in the case of most anxiety today, it’s triggered by one of the 5 senses or deep memories.

The trigger that sets off your anxiousness can be something you are aware of like social situations, or the slightest hint of speaking to more than a couple of friends at a time; any situation that you know is uncomfortable.

But it also gets turned on by your thoughts and head chatter that you are not paying attention to, or are not even aware of at all.

That’s because most anxiety and all of the symptoms of anxiety are originating from deep within your sub conscious, or unconscious mind.

Panic attacks are caused by high levels of anxiety.

Just because you have anxiety to the max doesn’t mean that you will ever have a panic attack.

They’re just all of the symptoms of the fight or flight syndrome manifesting themselves in extreme ways to get your attention.

None of this is actually life threatening or dangerous, but besides making uncomfortable moments, it can make your life unbearable.

It isn’t likely to dissipate and  go away on it’s own, because each time anxiety and panic attacks come, and you have no method of dealing with them, it sets you up for them to come again.

There are a lot of physical and environmental causes of the problem, and you may find that making some simple lifestyle changes makes it go away completely.  Or not?

There is everything from self hypnosis to Dale Carnegie classes to teach you how to let go of the fears of public situations that brings on your anxiousness, and that may be what helps you.  Or not?

If you have tried these methods and techniques for your anxiety and panic attack relief, and it’s still eating away at your life moment by moment and you know it, it’s probably time for you to go ahead and do something about it.

You can seek medication, counseling, help from friends, and more.

But come on, for just a few bucks and enough determination to follow some simple directions on a regular basis, you can learn that managing anxiety – is watching it leave.

You can learn that watching it leave is much more fun than learning How to Cope With Anxiety.   Realizing that you can take steps to see anxiety leave will give you an entirely new lease on your life.

So you spend a few dollars and change your life, was it worth it?

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