Can Allergies Make You Tired?

Can Allergies Make You Tired?

If you are sensitive to pollen, weeds and dust mites, you may notice changes in your energy levels and other symptoms at a certain time of the year. As the wind carries the pollen, it might cause an allergic reaction in some people. A lot of people suffer from seasonal allergies. Have in mind that the allergy itself is not an illness, but simply a response of your body to the allergens that make you sick. However, there is one common question among allergy sufferers: can allergies make you tired? Yes, it is possible for allergies to cause sleepiness and fatigue, thus making you feel very tired and sleepy.

Seasonal allergies are just a response of your body to the harmful substances that come in contact with it. The most common is the seasonal allergic rhinitis. As the harmful substances (allergens) come into contact with your throat and nose, your immune system immediately starts to produce immunoglobulin. The immunoglobulin releases chemical substances known as histamines into the nasal passages. The histamines, in fact, cause your airways, eyes, and nose to become itchy, congested, full of mucus, watery, and runny. If you have suffered from allergic rhinitis at some point in your life, you must have felt extremely fatigued and sleepy as well. And now, you are asking yourself: can allergies make you tired? It is known that people who suffer from seasonal allergies, including allergic rhinitis, are in fact more likely to feel tired and have troubles sleeping normally than people who do not suffer from allergies. Sleep problems are experienced by more than 80% of individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies. Sleep problems can lead to fatigue and poor performance at work and school due to having difficulties concentrating. Some seasonal allergy patients even suffer from depression and irritability. Do not hesitate to discuss your sleep problems with your allergist, as you may be able to find the help you need. Do not use over-the-counter antihistamines, because your allergy has to be treated properly so that you will be able to get some actual rest.

How to Prevent Tiredness Caused by Allergies?

Can allergies make you tired? The answer is yes, but it is possible to prevent the tiredness caused by your allergy. If you are completely sure that your tiredness is caused by your allergy, you should try to get some proper rest and take only medications prescribed by your doctor. The medications will relieve the allergy symptoms, thus helping you to sleep better and feel more relaxed.

Can Allergies Make You Tired More Than Other Conditions?

Have in mind that the fatigue might not be caused by the seasonal allergy. Can allergies make you tired more than other conditions? There is only one way to find out. You should do some little exercises if you want to find out if the allergy actually causes you to feel tired. After the short exercises, you will feel refreshed if the fatigue is allergy related. However, if it is not, you will feel even more tired than before.